Prodia Referral Laboratory Services (PRLS)

Providing business-to-business (B2B) services between healthcare service providers (hospitals, clinics, clinical laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies) and Prodia..

PRLS in Numbers

Our collaborations include sample referrals and/or patient referrals, in-hospital laboratory services partnerships, partnerships with pharmaceutical companies/patient advocacy communities, and bioinformatics services.


Prodia has partnered with more than 1,300 healthcare service providers throughout Indonesia.


Prodia has 263 outlets spread across 128 cities and 34 provinces in Indonesia. Prodia's wide coverage makes it easy for customers to partner with us in referring laboratory tests (data as of September 27th, 2021).


Prodia has 800+ types of testing, including genomic and other esoteric testing required by all healthcare service providers.

Sample & Patient Referral Cooperation Scheme

Prodia's comprehensive testing can facilitate and complement the laboratory tests required by Prodia's partners. In providing referral services, we offer free sample pickup service with reliable and trustworthy couriers handling samples from Prodia's partners.

In-Hospital Laboratory Services Partnership Scheme

Currently, hospitals face challenges in managing cost efficiency. They also face challenges in managing their laboratories. With Prodia's experience, we are here to provide added value to hospitals in managing their laboratories. We can provide human resources, operations, and equipment as part of the cooperation scheme.

Partnership Scheme with Pharmaceutical Companies or Patient Advocacy Communities

Cooperation with pharmaceutical companies is part of our business development strategy that shows our concern for personalized cancer medicine. Therefore, we are very open to cooperation with all interested pharmaceutical companies. In addition to pharmaceutical companies, we are open to collaborations with patient advocacy communities.

Benefits & Extras


Digital Support

Online Results

To meet customers' needs amid the rapid digital development, Prodia provides a special website for partners to access laboratory results quickly and easily through Prodia Online Results.

IT Interoperability

In this digital era, Prodia is very open to harmonious IT collaborations to fulfill the need for speed in ordering tests and receiving results as an effort to improve hospital services.


Academic Discussions & Collaborative Marketing Activities

Roundtable Discussions

Regular discussions among Prodia's partners. We facilitate scientific activities to share knowledge and experiences on various laboratory testing topics.

PRLS Support for Professional Organizations

Prodia strongly supports activities held by professional organizations, such as Patelki, PERSI, and others. The support can include speakers, virtual rooms, gimmicks, and door prize gift vouchers for tests.