Prodia Children

A clinic that caters to children aged 0 to 18, providing services personalized to the developmental needs of every age group.

Healthy & Smart

Prodia Children is a medical clinic that is here as a partner for every parent when it comes to managing their children’s health. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of children, from the neonatal age (0 to 4 weeks old) to the adolescent age (18 years old). Children are not a small version of adults. They have “special” health issues that require special treatments. They have smaller bodies, organs that are still developing, and patterns of diseases that vary in every stage of their lives (infancy, childhood, and adolescence). For this reason, Prodia Children offers services and facilities geared to the needs of children to support their growth and development and improve their health every step of the way. Prodia Children also delivers educational programs and organizes discussion groups for parents to raise their awareness and make it possible for them to share their experiences in nurturing and caring for their children with one another.

Our Services

Our health offerings:

Pediatrician Consultation
Children Immunity Care (Vaccination)
Clinical Laboratory Examination for Children
Ancillary Services: Laboratory Tests, ECG, X-Rays, etc.

Services & Facilities Geared to Children’s Needs

Blood-Sampling Room for Children

The room is all about blood collection that is comfortable for children, without any fears involved (no pain, no worry, no miss).

Indoor Playground

Comfort for children and their families when waiting and during health examinations is our priority.

Doctor Consultation & Teleconsultation

Prodia Children offers doctor consultation and teleconsultation to help you with the health needs of the little ones.

If you are in these cities, we are here to help you with the health needs of the little ones.