Prodia Poin (P-Poin)

Loyalty program from Prodia to give customers even more benefits while checking out at Prodia.

Terms and Conditions of Prodia Poin (P-Poin)

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Loyalty FAQs - Prodia Poin (P-Poin)

The following are the terms and conditions for you and our staff. By utilizing this Service and/or enrolling in it, you agree to comply with the terms of use, including the disclosure of your health information.

Prodia Poin (P-Poin) is a loyalty program for Prodia customers who is eligible to be members of Prodia Poin (P-Poin). You earn points from every transaction at Prodia through walk-in appointments at a Prodia branch, U by Prodia app and Kontak Prodia.

Customers can accumulate points through transactions at a Prodia branch or the Prodia Mobile App. Additionally, engaging in various activites on the Prodia Mobile App, including games and daily challenges, offers opportunities to earn points.

Prodia customers can check their point status through a Prodia branch, Contact Prodia, and Prodia Mobile Apps.

Prodia customers progress to a higher tier by meeting the criteria for a minimum number of transactions. Elevating their transaction level at Prodia enables customers to move up to the next tiering level.

Prodia customers can accumulate points for redemption, either for a complimentary checkup or at other merchants participating in the Prodia Loyalty program. Customers can achieve a higher tier and enjoy additional benefits (rewards) by collecting more points.

Membership in Prodia Poin (P-Poin) is not binding. Prodia customers can request to withdraw from the program by reaching out to Contact Prodia or visiting the nearest Prodia branch.

Customer points cannot be redeemed for cash.

A customer voucher can be transferred to other parties and subject to the Terms and Conditions of the voucher.

Customers can reach out to Contact Prodia through the Call Center at 1500 830, visit a Prodia branch, or access the Loyalty feature on the Prodia Mobile App.

Customers need to give their approval to the Terms and Conditions to participate in Prodia’s loyalty program. Upon agreement, customers automatically enrolled as members of the Prodia Poin (P-Poin) program.

There are 4 levels in Prodia Poin (P-Poin). The tiering status will determine the type of the benefit you will receive.

Prodia Poin (P-Poin) is valid for two years. Points will be gradually forfeited according to the timeframe in which the member originally earned them.

Certainly, a member can lower their tiering level by one level if the accumulated points fall short of the elligibility for moving up to the next tiering level.

Customers can redeem their points at Prodia branches, by reaching out to Contact Prodia, and online via the Prodia Mobile App.

Prodia Poin (P-Poin) can be redeemed at Prodia for complimentary checkups or special offers from collaborating merchants. Customers can view the list of participating merchants through the Prodia Mobile Apps or by reaching out to Prodia Contact Agent.

Customer points cannot be transferred to other parties.

No, to join the loyalty program, PCC customers must agree to the Prodia Poin (P-Poin) program membership.

Customers can visit a Prodia branch to register for the loyalty program membership and fill out the informed consent form.