Prodia Clinics

We have Prodia Health Care, a personalized medicine-based wellness clinic, and specialty clinics: Prodia Children, Prodia Women, and Prodia Senior.

Prodia Health Care

A medical clinic centered around wellness services that are personalized according to your needs (based on your age, sex, lifestyle, and risk factors), enabling you to prevent diseases.

Prodia Children

A clinic that caters to children aged 0 to 18, providing services personalized to the developmental needs of every age group.

Prodia Women

A clinic for women’s health management, designed to adapt to their needs in every stage of their lives, focused on providing gynecologic oncology services and helping women maintain their health thoroughly.

Prodia Senior

A medical clinic that has been built specifically for middle-aged persons and senior citizens, helping them to stay healthy, active, and independent. We provide a broad range of exclusive, integrated services and facilities.